Why an Inverter AC is better than an Ordinary AC.

Buy an Inverter AC, Save up to 50% on your power Bill


Air-conditioners have been in use for over 100 years now. There was no real innovation in Air conditioners till such time electricity was cheap. In the developed world, about 70% of the electricity was generated from oil which was imported from Arab countries at an affordable price. The Arab- Israel conflict of 1973 totally changed the scenario and the oil price increased by 400% in the first year and has been increasing ever since. Thus electricity became dearer and there was need to conserve it by technically upgrading the
electrical appliances and making them more efficient .


It’s this quest to save electricity that gave rise to “INVERTER AIR- CONDITIONERS”. As the Air-conditioners consume maximum domestic & commercial power, presently all developed countries in the world use inverter ACs to save power. Even in China, around 50% of all Air conditioners are inverter based and its growing further. In India, these Airconditioners are relatively new and not many people know about the merits of these Air conditioners.

Merits of an Inverter AC over an ordinary AC:

1. An inverter-type air conditioner adjusts the speed of the compressor, its key component, to control the gas flow rate and thus consumes less current & low power. An inverter has precise temperature control and as the Set temperature is attained, the unit adjusts its capacity to eliminate any temperature fluctuations.
2. A non-inverter air conditioner stops and restarts repeatedly. The power consumption and current goes down when the operation stops, but it goes up sharply at the time of restart and thus it has high average power consumption and temperature variations.
3. It’s technically superior to a 5 star AC
4. It consumes 30-50% less electricity for the same amount of cooling
5. Although, it costs about Rs 3000/ higher than a 5 star and Rs 10,000/ higher than a 3 star AC but the excess cost is recovered in less than 2 years due to substantial power saving
6. Considering the life span of an AC to be 10 years, the saving in monetary terms is too lucrative to be ignored
7. Imagine the saving of electricity if every one were to use only Inverter AC, as is the case in many countries like Japan, how much power could be saved as a Nation!
8. It is estimated that India will have 30 crore ACs by 2030 and if all of them were Inverter ACs, we could save enough electricity not to waste our resources to put up 50 thermal Power Plants of 500 MW
9. This would mean saving millions and millions tonnes of coal for our future generations
10. Buying an Inverter AC means going Green and saving the Nature and thousands of hectares from deforestation

Issued by Daikin India in public interest

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